Intermodal transport

Our company specializes in the organization of intermodal transport, offering comprehensive logistics solutions for shipping companies, but not only. By combining different forms of transportation – rail, road and sea – we ensure not only efficiency and cost savings, but also minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Intermodal transport – efficiency and ecology

Intermodal transportation is synonymous with modernity and logistical efficiency. Its main goal is to optimize the process of transporting goods by combining different modes of transportation – from rail to road to sea. This integration allows us to significantly reduce delivery times and operating costs. One of the key aspects of our business is our emphasis on ecology. In an era of growing environmental awareness and the need to care for the environment, intermodal transportation is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional road transport.

By transferring most of the cargo to railroads, we significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, contributing to environmental protection. The trainsets used are designed to increase the amount of freight carried with minimal use of resources, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. Another green element of our business is the use of modern technologies and innovative solutions in logistics management. Thanks to them, we are able to precisely plan and optimize transport routes, which further reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

Container transport – direct service to key locations

We provide a comprehensive container transportation service, using an extensive network of rail links. A key element of our offer is to ensure the efficient and timely transportation of containers to and from seaports, as well as to important logistics and economic centers throughout Poland. Thanks to our strategic rail terminal locations and coordinated transportation system, we are able to provide efficient and flexible container transportation over long distances. Our rail infrastructure, combined with our road terminal, enables us to efficiently handle every stage of intermodal transportation – from loading at the port, to rail transportation, to the delivery of the container to the end user.

Modern combined transport – optimization of costs and transit time

Working with us, clients can count on comprehensive transportation planning advice, enabling them to effectively manage their supply chain. Thanks to our experience and commitment to innovative logistics solutions, we are able to offer personalized services that meet the specific requirements and expectations of each client. Combined transport is an ideal solution for companies looking to reduce logistics costs while improving efficiency and speed of delivery. Our commitment to providing quality services, combined with extensive industry knowledge and modern technologies, guarantees customers optimal and competitive transportation solutions that are adapted to dynamically changing market conditions.